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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I stay during continuous stay?

    It is possible to stay during continuous stay.Guests are kindly requested to check in by 10am.
  • Can I accommodate women?

    As the hotel is for men only, female guests can not stay.
  • Could you lend me a towel?

    Bath towels / face towels are available at Baths (B1F).
    Amenities such as toothbrush and razor are available, so please use it freely.
  • Could you keep my big baggage?

    There is a luggage storage space in front of the front desk if you can exclude "valuables and broken objects" that do not fit into the lockeContinue reading
  • What do I do when I go out?

    Please call out to the front desk when you go out.
    We will keep your key once and give you a go-out card.
    There is no curfew so please returContinue reading
  • I'd like to leave my luggage before check-in · · ·

    We will keep your luggage before check-in.
    In addition, we keep it on the day after check-out.
  • Is there a non-smoking room?

    All rooms are non-smoking except for smoking rooms.
  • Is there a convenience store near the hotel?

    We are 4 minutes walking distance.
    Don Quijote Ueno Store also at the same distance, so I think you can get what you need.
  • Is the Internet connected?

    Free wi-fi passes through each floor, so you can use it even in capsules.
  • Can I charge it?

    There is an outlet on the operation panel inside the capsule.
    In addition, we are doing rental of charger, so please ask the front desk.
  • Can I bring in foods and drinks?

    You are free to bring in.
    You can call on the first floor lobby or the rest room on each floor.
    Furthermore, food and drink can not be brougContinue reading
  • Is there a parking lot / parking lot?

    There is no provision of private parking lot / parking lot for bicycles.
    Although there are coin parking in the neighborhood, since the mainContinue reading
  • Do you care about the surrounding sound?

    Due to the characteristics of the capsule hotel, there may be sounds in the floor heard.
    We are taking measures and guidance that will not cContinue reading
  • About room designation

    Please let us know at the time of check-in if you have requests for the upper and lower capsules.

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