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Terms of Service

  • Capsule Land Yushima Terms of Use

    ·In order to use the hotel safely and comfortably at our hotel, we stipulate the facility usage rules as follows, so we ask you to comply.
    ·In case we can not comply with this rule, we will refuse to use the facility inside our hotel promptly, so please understand in advance.

    ■Scope of application

    (1) All facilities of the hotel (including bath, front desk, lobby, grounds etc.)Hereinafter collectively referred to as "various facilities in the hotel".) We will apply it to visitors.

    ■1.The hotel may refuse to accept accommodation and breaks in the following cases.

    (1) When the accommodation facility can not afford due to full occupancy
    (2) When failing to comply with the description of the accommodation registration card or making a false declaration concerning the written matter.
    (3) When it is clearly recognized that a person who is trying to stay or staying is a skin disease or infectious disease
    (4) When it is recognized that a person who is trying to stay or break is a drunk person and the like, and there is a possibility that other guests will be extremely troubled.
    (5) When a person who intends to stay or take a break is found to be in danger of acting against laws or ordinances or public order or good customs concerning accommodation / break.
    (6) Case of violent, intimidating, intimidating acts against the hotel or our hotel employee.Or when requesting a burden exceeding the reasonable range.
    (7) When a person who is trying to stay or break is a person who did not follow the terms of use of the hotel in the past.

    ■2. Fire Prevention and Security

    (1) Smoking outside the smoking place is not permitted.
    (2) Please do not enter facilities other than customer such as backyard, machine room etc.
    (3) Evacuation route diagram from the guest room is posted on the inside of the capsule and at the entrance of the floor, so please confirm.
    (4) We are not responsible for accidents and theft which occurred under your control.
    (5) Please handle with careful handling of valuables on the day of stay.
    (6) In case of loss of various keys (rocker / shoe cabin etc), we will charge a customer's actual expenses burden of 10,000 yen.

    ■3.Concerning the prohibition on the use of facilities such as antisocial forces

    1. Regarding the following organizations and individuals, we will refuse the use of the facilities in our hotel.
    (1)Gangsters, Boryokudan, Boryokudan related organization and related persons
    (2) Stakeholders or organizations in which organized crime groups or corporate gang members control business activities Other stakeholders of organizations
    (3)Antisocial group, Antisocial group members and stakeholders
    (4) When assault, injury, intimidation, extortion, intimidation unjustifiable demand and similar acts are recognized
    (5) Persons who are difficult to secure their own safety such as self-loss due to drunkenness, mental retardation, drugs, etc., or they may cause danger, fear and uneasiness to other customers
    2. If it falls under the preceding paragraphs (1) to (3), we will refuse any use after that point.

    ■Four.Other prohibited items

    1.Please do not do because the following acts are troublesome to other customers.
    (1) The acts that cause troubles to other customers, such as high voice, singing songs or bustling acts at various facilities in the hotel.Use of cell phone in capsule.
    (2) To bring in the facilities inside the hotel other items that would be inconvenient to other customers.
     (a)dog, Cat, Animals such as birds, Pets in general
     (b) Explosive or flammable explosives or volatile oils, dangerous products, odors, markedly large items, or other laws prohibited from possession.
    (3) Acts that disrupt gambling, morals, security, at various facilities in the hotel.
    (4) Actions that are recognized as excessive use of amenity and various items in the facility.
    (5) To move various goods and amenities of the facilities in the hotel to other places and take it out of the hall.
    (6) To make changes to the current situation, such as attaching scratches and foreign objects to our buildings and various facilities.
    (7) Request for room change at customer's convenience.Use of room other than designated.
    (8) Any other act that the Hotel deems inappropriate.Other acts prohibited by laws and regulations.